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I was born and raised in Jerusalem, to American parents from Massachusetts. I have family abroad, yet I am very lucky to have most of them here, Including my grandparents. They made Aliyah and loving every moment here, with family, new friends, and warm communities. Being part of the Israeli culture and having American roots gives me a good feel for both worlds. I enjoy traveling the world, but always so happy to be back in the Holy Land, where I feel at home, no matter how challenging things may seem. I love my job! I feel so privileged to be able to help and guide people through such a big decision. I meet Jews from all over the world. Some of them know exactly what their dream home looks like, and others have no idea.

One belief they all have in common is: Israel is where they belong, sooner rather than later! Each is on their own journey, and I try to relate to it by making this stage as easy and smooth as possible.

My Goal: Finding the right place for my client, where they can settle down, in the best way possible. A place where they can call HOME and truly mean it and feel it.

I believe very much in “Yishuv Ha’Aretz”, settling the land of Israel, and being part of it, feels AMAZING AND RIGHT!!

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