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Arnona, is named after the view of the biblical River Arnon.
Arnona was one of the earliest neighborhoods in modern Jerusalem-and on the front lines of the War of Independence in 1948.

Arnona is one of the highest points in Jerusalem at 800 meters above sea level. From Arnona one can see the Judean Desert, the Dead Sea, and, as mentioned, the River Arnon/Wadi Mujib. The neighborhood is bordered by the Hebron Road/Derech Hevron and Talpiot neighborhood to the west, Kibbutz Ramat Rachel to the south, Old Talpiot to the north, and the Judean desert to the east.

Arnona is an upscale neighborhood in southern Jerusalem.
Together with other nearby areas (Talpiot and Mekor Chaim), Arnona gradually became a southern suburb of Jerusalem separated from the main city by the neighborhoods of Baka and Talbieh, and the German Colony area.

The neighborhood was designed by Bauhaus architect Richard Kaufman, who also designed Rechavia, Beit Hakerem, and Bayit Vegan.

In recent years, building projects have raised property values in Arnona. Now the southern suburb of Jerusalem is occupied by prosperous families, religious and secular alike, and overseas buyers. The majority of the neighborhood residents are secular Jews and religious Zionists.
Attractive buildings and verdant greenery also contribute toward making Arnona so pleasant .

Arnona is also home to a branch of the United States Consulate which provides consular services to US citizens.

Today the old section retains its historic charm and low building infrastructure while steadily being upgraded.

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